The Africa Academy of Management in collaboration with Strathmore Business School welcomes you to Nairobi, Kenya and we say - JAMBO! KARIBU KENYA! 

In the national language—Kiswahili—this truly means welcome from the heart, and with it go the infectious smiles and an instantaneous hospitality of the Kenyan people. Nairobi is a cosmopolitan city of diverse ethnic composition, a city with its own culture, and all those cultures are put into a single melting pot called NAIROBI - local and foreign cultures being stewed together to produce a hybrid, cosmopolitan, globalized vibe. 

Africa’s image has recently taken a positive turn to attract headlines, such as Lions on the move: The Progress and Potential of African Economies (McKinsey, 2010); Africa Rising (The Economist, 2011); and, Cracking the Next Growth Market: Africa (Harvard Business Review, 2011). This African renaissance presents both challenges and opportunities for management scholars. It also presents an opportunity for management scholars to reflect upon the meaning of these challenges and opportunities for theory and practice.

In accordance with the theme of the conference, Managing Africa’s Future: Prospects and Challenges, we are excited and looking forward to engaging conceptual and empirical papers, symposiums, professional development workshops and discussions on topics that engage with how management of organizations and knowledge could be harnessed to propel Africa’s future and prospects. Along with the intellectually invigorating discussions, we have plans for visits to local business entities as well as some fun times to enjoy Nairobi’s vibe and off course, a visit to this city must include appreciating nature —either next door at the Nairobi National Park, the only national park located within the boundaries of a city, or further out to one of the other game-filled parks around the country. Peruse the conference website for more details about the site visits, and recommendations for tour operators so you can organize your own national park visits
We realize that some of you might be a little wary of visiting Kenya after the recent terrorist attacks at Garissa University College. We have been engaging with our local hosts at Strathmore Business School to assess the current situation. The planning committee is well aware of recent terrorist attacks, and the local organizing committee has assured us that security has been beefed up at Strathmore University and around the country. Further, as we continue to monitor the situation, we have noticed several other conferences taking place without a hitch, including the IAABD held from May 11th also at Strathmore University. The recent visit of luminaries such as Secretary of State John Kerry, President Bill Clinton, and upcoming visit by President Obama in July assure us that the government is taking the steps necessary to secure the capital city and other parts of the country. So submit your papers and proposals, and rest assured that we will continue to closely monitor the security situation. The government and other institutions including Strathmore Business School have put measures into place to help keep Kenya secure.

We invite you to explore, engage, have fun and be our guest at this AFAM 3rd Biennial Conference, once again, KARIBU NAIROBI!

Deadline for submissions extended to 30 July 2015
To view photos of the 2nd Biennial Conference in Botswana in 2014, please click here

Conference Chairs:
Dr Elham Metwally,
School of Business
The American University in Cairo, Egypt
Email: [email protected]

Dr Nceku Nyathi
Graduate School of Business
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Email: [email protected]

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