Emerald AFAM Trailblazer Award


Call for Nominations


The Africa Academy of Management is seeking nominations for the Emerald Africa Academy of Management Trailblazer Award

Purpose of the Award: The purpose of the Emerald Africa Academy of Management Trailblazer Award is to recognize a scholar who has taken a leadership role in the promotion of and advancement of scholarship and/or teaching on management in Africa. Nominees should  have distinguished themselves not only in making a significant contribution to organizational phenomena in Africa using scientific methods  but also in the development and improvement of research and teaching of management in organizations in Africa. Actions that may indicate “trailblazing” behaviour include exemplary research contributions to knowledge about management issues in Africa; moving forward a content-related journal or scholarly series or advancing management education through an innovative, novel intervention. 

Nomination Process:  Nominations in the form of a letter should be sent on forms should be sent to Professor Benson Honig at  [email protected] by 20 October 2015.  Once formally nominated, candidates may be asked to submit additional documentation to the Trailblazer Selection Committee.  




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