Call for Papers: Special Issue

Special Issue of the International Journal of Human Resource Management

Multilevel approaches to human resource management research
Paper Submission deadline: 30 September 2014
Guest Editors:
Jie Shen, University of South Australia ([email protected])
Jake Messersmith, University of Nebraska Kearney ([email protected])
Kaifeng Jiang, University of Notre Dame ([email protected])

Background and rationale for this Special Issue

The mission of the International Journal of Human Resource Management is to advance our understanding of the role of strategic human resource management (HRM) policies and practices in international contexts. HRM policies and practices are mostly formulated and implemented at the organizational level, which encompasses individuals, teams and departments. In turn, these organizations are also embedded in regions, nations and larger economic or political clusters. In other words, HRM policies and practices are situated within hierarchal contexts that are likely to affect both the antecedents to adopting certain practices and the consequences rendered by HRM systems. Enterprises in the same region, nation or cluster tend to have much in common in their HRM systems, and employees in the same team, department and organization are likely to have shared experiences regarding the implementation of HRM practices. Further, employee attitudinal and behavioural consequences related to the implementation of HRM policies and practices are often similar in the same organization as a result of contextual effects (Bliese and Hanges 2004). These factors point to the necessity of taking into account the hierarchical nature of data in the study of HR systems both conceptually and empirically


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