Call for Abstracts: Bridging Science, Business and Politics


Bridging Science, Business and Politics: The Role of Responsible Leadership in Creating the Necessary Transition to a Sustainable Global Economy


With this announcement the Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership and the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative along with international conference partners – Griffith University Business School, Business School Lausanne and Babson College - would like to invite papers related to responsible leadership from a trans-disciplinary perspective involving social and natural science.

As the interconnectedness and complexity of the world continues to grow, there is increasing awareness of the limitations of knowledge gathered within strict disciplinary boundaries, just at the point where humanity is pushing beyond many planetary boundaries and limitations. The result is an enhanced need for responsible leaders whose knowledge and wisdom transcends disciplinary, sector, and most current boundaries. Management, leadership, and business knowledge by itself cannot ensure a sustainable and equitable future. Scientific knowledge alone is not enough. Governance and political science knowledge alone is not enough. What is needed is an integration of knowledge about and insight into responsible leadership across disciplinary boundaries ranging from management and economics studies, the physical and biological sciences, law, government, and the humanities and social science. Only by integrating across current disciplinary boundaries can we find hope for generating what has been termed Earth System Governance, a way for humanity to manage the complexities of the world to create a just, equitable, and sustainable world for all. We are searching for a New Political Economy, as the High Level Report to the UN Secretary-General prior to Rio+20 called it. For this conference, we invite papers relating to responsible leadership from and across any of these perspectives, particularly from the physical and biological sciences.




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