CALL FOR PAPERS - SA Journal of Industrial Psychology

Special issue theme: work psychology in the African context: advances, issues, trends and challenges

The South African Journal of Industrial Psychology (SAJIP) invites original scientific articles, reports, position papers and reviews
that will bring new knowledge about, insights into and conversation around the application of work psychology in the African

Rothmann (2013; 2014) argued that there is a need to understand African perspectives on the traditional and non-traditional
applications of work psychological concepts within African and ‘multicultural’ contexts. Various models, methodologies,
assessment methods and theories standardised within Western contexts have shown mixed results within African contexts (see
Jackson, Rothmann & Van de Vijver, 2006; Prestling & Rothmann, 2014; Storm & Rothmann, 2003). The relevance of Western
perspectives for Africa has been challenged in various studies. Despite great strides in research since 2002, the development of an
Africa-specific work psychology has not been systematically developed. Both Dawes (1998) and Meyer, Moore and Viljoen (2005)
have called for the ‘Africanisation’ of psychological knowledge and the application of modern psychological theory and research
within African contexts. In an attempt to address this call, SAJIP is inviting scholars to contribute high-quality manuscripts in order
to facilitate the development of an Africa-specific work psychology.


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