Call for Participants - AFAM Caucus on Autothnomous Management





Are you interested in studying “purely African” management phenomena? Are you interested in developing theory using the African context? If you answered yes to both questions, we would like to invite you to join our caucus on autochthonous management. Recently, Zoogah, Zoogah, and Dalaba-Roohi (2015) proposed autochthonous high impact research which they defined as “management research that is independent of its imported origins, and which stands on its own in addressing local problems and in providing its own local training and scholarship” (p. 10). They suggested that autochthonous researchers strive to generate theoretical and practical knowledge to solve local management problems, and cited Ubuntu as an example of a distinctly African concept (Mangaliso, 2001; Mangaliso & Lewis, 2013). Another similar work (Tripathi, Amann and Kamuzora, 2013) proposed Ubuntu based corporate decision making model, conceptualized on the basis of insights from the African Psycho-Philosphy.


There seems to be a growing interest in studies on the African management context. However, theorizing and mainstreaming the African Management issues still remain challenging tasks. What Zoogah et al. (2015) did not specify are the areas or dimensions of autochthonous management, which is quite important for scientific knowledge organization in African Management. This caucus seeks to extend their proposition by not only identifying situations, behaviors, cognitions, attitudes, values, etc. that can be attributed as uniquely African but also to explore how those unique attributes can be developed into theories.

If you are interested, you may contact either of the following David Zoogah, Morgan State University ([email protected]) or Shiv K. Tripathi, Mzumbe University Dar Es Salaam Campus Tanzania, [email protected]. Cell: +255788470079




David B. Zoogah, Richard B. Zoogah & Faustina Dalaba-Roohi (2015): Riding the Tide: Management in Africa and the Role of High-Impact Research, Africa Journal of Management, DOI: 10.1080/23322373.2015.994421.


Mangaliso, M. P. (2001). Building competitive advantage from Ubuntu:

Management lessons from South Africa. Academy of Management Executive, 15(3), 23–34.


Mangaliso, M. P., & Lewis, A. O. (2013). Strategic management research in

developing nations: How relevant? Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. August, Orlando, FL.


Tripathi, S.K., Amann, W. and Kamuzora, F. (2013). ‘Towards A Humanistic and Responsible Managerial Decision Making Model: The Corporate Ubuntu Approach.’ In K. Shiban, W. Amann (eds.) World Humanism: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Ethical Practices in Organizations (pp. 122-134.), Palgrave Macmillan

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