Boz-Mu Chair in Banking and Finance

The Council of Mulungushi University,  Zambia’s third Public University invites applications for prestigious  Professorial  Chair  in  Banking  and  Finance  located  in  the  School  of  Business

Studies.  The  Chair  is  sponsored  by  the  Bank  of  Zambia  (BOZ)  primarily  to  enhance  research, training  and  development  and  consultancy  work  relevant  to the  banking  and  financial  sector.

The University therefore invites applications from qualified and experienced individuals for the position of Professor in Banking and Finance.


The BOZ-MU Chair in banking and Finance is responsible for:

  1. Formulating,  developing  and  implementing  a  strategic  plan,  which  will  provide  forward looking policies on academic, financial and administrative activities of the  Chair in line with the university’s strategic plan.
  2. Undertaking and promoting research in Banking and other Finance related areas
  3. Developing  and  designing  training  and/or  other educational  programmes  on  the  discipline of Banking and Finance
  4. Creating  partnerships  and  cooperation’s  with    local,  regional  and  international organizations in research, training and consultancy in the area of Banking and Finance
  5. Hosting  and  facilitating  local  and  international  Banking  and  Finance  conferences  and workshops.
  6. Designing curriculum for Degree in Banking and Finance with stakeholders.
  7. Participating in teaching of Banking and Finance and related courses of the University
  8. Fostering  high  value  linkages  with  all  stakeholders,  fundraising  and  maximizing  the resources available through innovative Management.



This opportunity listing expired on 31-Aug-2013

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