Management Faculty of Color

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Bridgewater State University
Ricciardi College of Business

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Diversity and Inclusion: Then, Now, and the Future


Management Faculty of Color Association (MFCA) Conference

June 11-13, 2015

                  Ricciardi College of Business

    Bridgewater State University

         Bridgewater, Massachusetts





Call for Papers, Symposia, PDWs, & Reviewers


Diversity research has evolved from a marginalized field of study in the management discipline, where emphasis was placed exclusively on the assessment of equality and fairness, to a robust domain examining complex social phenomena and various inclusionary practices at the core of modern business strategy. The 2015 conference theme –Diversity and Inclusion: Then, Now, and the Future - encourages us to reflect on the multiple disciplinary perspectives that have informed our scholarship over the past 50 years and that can enrich our research in the years ahead. The conference theme aims to address newer questions on the horizon, while also paying tribute to the brave pioneers who have worked tirelessly to legitimize scholarship in this arena and develop a strong foundation on which these questions are based. Please join us at this intimate conference as we recognize this important body of work and explore future directions for diversity and inclusion scholarship.


The conference host, Bridgewater State University, is located in Bridgewater, MA, a short distance from historic Boston.  This culturally diverse city is an international destination and has many tourist attractions, which makes it the ideal location in support of this year’s conference theme “Diversity and Inclusion: Then, Now and the Future.” Among its more popular attractions are the Historic Freedom Trail, Boston Marathon Finish Line, Charles Bank Esplanade, Wally’s Jazz Café, well over 100 colleges and universities, and several world-class restaurants. The greater Boston metro area has also been voted as one of the most walking-friendly and transit-friendly cities, offering many options for getting to various destinations.



We invite you to submit papers, and/or to propose symposia/professional development workshops (PDWs) on any management related topic.  However, we are keenly interested in papers, symposia, and/or PDWs related to the theme. Some suggested research questions/ideas include, but are not limited to:


Ø  Integrating research topics, ideas or methods

Ø  Developing skills in research, teaching, consulting or service    

Ø  Creating an interdisciplinary network

Ø  Incorporating technology into traditional classroom structures

Ø  Transitioning from academic to administrative or consulting positions

Ø  Preparing for tenure and promotion

Ø  Using service learning to connect students and the community

Ø  Learning effective grant writing



We encourage you to submit papers (in various stages of development), symposia/special topics sessions and PDWs to this year’s conference.  All submissions will undergo a double-blind review. We recognize the value of a diverse group of scholars. This includes researchers and practitioners from management and related disciplines with similar or different perspectives and approaches.  The deadline for all submissions is March 20, 2015.  Notification will be provided to authors by April 17, 2015.


Requirements for all Submissions:

Papers – A maximum of two papers may be submitted per author. All papers should not exceed 25 pages, including references, tables, figures, etc. The papers should be double-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides; page numbers should be shown as a footer on all pages. Submit papers according to these additional guidelines:


Page 1:     Title, author(s) with full contact information. Indicate contact author if there are several authors.

Page 2:     Title and abstract (100-150 words)

Symposia/Special Topics Sessions – A maximum of two special topics sessions may be submitted per author. Special topic sessions include symposiums, workshops, and panel sessions. Symposia/Special topic sessions should be single-spaced with one-inch margins on all sides; page numbers should be shown as a footer on all pages. The session should include three (3) presenters and a facilitator. Submit special topic sessions according to these additional guidelines:

Page 1:     Session title, presentation titles, facilitator and full contact information for all participants.

Page 2:     Description of session and rationale.

Pages 3-5:  500-word or less summary of each presentation.

Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) – PDWs provide opportunities to share knowledge/expertise on specific topics of your choice while contributing to the professional development of our members.  While PDW topics need not address the conference theme, they should be of interest to our members. Please submit proposals for PDWs according to these guidelines:

Page 1:     Title of the proposed workshop and full contact information for all organizers

Page 2:     Abstract of the workshop (up to 250 words)

Pages 3-5: Overview of the workshop to include an explanation of why it would be of interest to MFCA members, a description of the format/agenda for the workshop, and a summary of the primary learning experience(s) to be attained by the participants.


Submissions - In addition to following the requirements for all submissions, all papers must follow the current style of the American Psychological Association (APA). 

Management doctoral students who have completed comprehensive exams and are ABD may submit a paper (not a symposium/special topic or PDW) to compete for a $500 travel award to attend and present their paper at the conference. The award will be given based on best paper as determined by the reviewers. To be eligible for the award, the doctoral student must be the sole author on the paper or have only other students as co-authors.

Submit Papers, Special Topic Sessions and PDWs via email to: [email protected].  If you are a doctoral student and would like to compete for the travel award, please indicate “Doctoral Student” on page 1 of the submission.

Reviewers – We are seeking reviewers to assist in the peer review process.  As the reviewer load is usually 1-2 papers, this is a great opportunity to make a contribution to a professional association without being overwhelmed.  We also provide documentation to share your service as a reviewer with your institution.  If you are interested in serving as a reviewer, please contact [email protected] by February 27, 2015.




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