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Strategic Management in Africa, a research workshop to be held in Toledo, Spain on 24th September 2014 (

Description of Workshop

Our extension workshop intends to serve a growing interest in studying strategic management in Africa. Since the continent as a business research setting is unique in multiple aspects, exploring strategic management questions there promises new insights and stands to reduce theoretical blind spots. The Economist for example recently remarked on the unusually high prevalence of portfolio entrepreneurship in Africa, a phenomenon not readily explained by existing theory. Social, cultural, institutional, and other factors may offer important boundary conditions for theories of strategic management and are waiting to be explored.
 The trend towards broadening research contexts and phenomena has already found some expression in recent special issues as well as announcements of special conferences in emerging markets, and Africa in particular. Our extension supports this trend and aims to forge stronger links between scholars doing work on Africa, promote cross-fertilization of ideas, and thus collectively strengthen this nascent area of research.

We will bus participants from Madrid to Toledo in the morning and back in the evening. The former Spanish capital Toledo is a World Heritage site, approximately 70km south of Madrid and the main SMS conference. Toledo was at the forefront of the historic struggle between North African Moors and European Christians, and has since been known as the "City of the Three Cultures" and "City of Tolerance", with Christians, Jews and Muslims co-habiting peacefully. With its ecumenical tradition spanning multiple continents, Toledo makes a perfect base for our extension on Africa. There will be some time after the workshop for a tour of the city.
The agenda of the day is highly interactive and includes keynotes by Will Mitchell and Gerry George, a panel about the challenges to strategy research in Africa, a round-table discussion about initiatives to strengthen this research endeavor, and a contribution from an African strategy executive. We hope to engage with participants that have a background or interest in empirical research in Africa.

Registration:  A registration fee of US$ 105 per participant will be charged to cover expenses.

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