Legitimizing the Africa Academy of Management Through Communication (session #916)

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Marriott Downtown
Room 415

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Program Session #: 916 | Submission: 10307 | Sponsor(s): (CAU)
Scheduled: Monday, Aug 4 2014 9:45AM - 11:15AM at Philadelphia Marriott Downtown in Room 415

Legitimizing the Africa Academy of Management Through Communication.
Legitimizing the AFAM




Organizer: David B. Zoogah; Morgan State U.
Organizer: Moses Acquaah; U. of North Carolina, Greensboro
Chair: Stella M. Nkomo; U. of Pretoria
Participant: Karel Stanz; U. of Pretoria

In this caucus, scholars of, and interested in, Africa Management research will discuss how the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) can communicate with other stakeholders about its strategic initiatives, growth, and legitimacy. The legitimacy of AFAM depends on how it is able to integrate the diverse languages of the continent into a cohesive whole that enables members not only to communicate and interact with each other but also with other external individuals, groups, and organizations. Through that communication AFAM may garner ideas, resources, insights related to opportunities and challenges, and expertise that can facilitate its sustained development. This objective is consistent with Academy of Management’s theme, “The Power of Words.” It is expected that that communication will provide a voice to AFAM, uplift its profile, and endow it with capabilities that can facilitate meaningful management research. If Africa is to achieve its objective of advancing management knowledge and education in Africa, AFAM members must be derive power from the words they use in their research and interactions. The second significant reason is that we our strategic initiatives are in line with the internationalization strategic objective of AOM.

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