Journal of Managerial Psychology

Organization Behaviour in African Organizations; Employee, Managerial, and Organizational Issues.

Africa with a population of over 1 billion is the second most populous continent on the planet after Asia. Recent economic forecasts for the continent point its rising presence in the global marketplace. Although commodities and natural resources have always been viewed as the primary means for Africa’s development, its greatest untapped resource in the 21st century may as well be its people (Jackson, 2004). A recent review of published research on management in Africa from 1960 to the present found a number of articles on micro issues in Africa. However, while the topics ranged from job satisfaction to diversity, there was insufficient depth in most to warrant meaningful conclusions (Zoogah and Nkomo, forthcoming). There remains an urgent need for additional research based on insight into the challenges and issues managers encounter in mobilizing the talent of the continents workforce (Kamoche. 2011). Africa’s diversity in terms of socio-economic status and culture suggest the complexity of and potential range of pertinent micro organization behavior and psychological research needing scholarly exploration.

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